Meet Founder Enika Fluellen, MSW, PPSC

Enika has over 15 years of experience working with children and young adults, supported by 2 degrees—in child development and social work—as well as 8 certifications and 2 licenses. Enika began her childcare and education career as a preschool director and teacher for 6 years. Operating her own daycare and preschool allowed her to build relationships, advocate for children's needs, and implement essential curricula and programs. She then went on to teach kids ages 3 and older to read and write, creating a long-lasting foundation for her students. After several years of working as a teacher, social worker, sitter, and tutor, Enika created BalanceNrenew, allowing her to help a broad range of students and families build a strong foundation for success.

Enika trains all staff not only to teach the necessary and age-appropriate curriculum but to help students develop good study habits and organizational skills. Focusing on the well-being of children, adolescents, and young adults, BalanceNrenew's team of educators and childcare professionals are committed to helping families grow together.

Enika founded BalanceNrenew Care Services as part of a full array of services in order to provide life and business coaching for individuals and families, along with affordable services for everyday support. 

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